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Cosmetics OEM, the benefits of the OEM, OEM advantage

OEM is the brand producer for some reason does not directly produce goods, but to use his own master "key technology" responsible for the design and development of new products, control sales "channel", while the production capacity is limited, and even the production line, plant are not, in order to increase production and sales, in order to reduce the risk of a new production line, even in order to win time to market, by way of subscription contracts entrusted to other manufacturers of similar products, low-priced products buyout set and affix their own brand directly trademark. This commissioned production cooperation is the OEM.

OEM business major advantages:

1, can be more objective analysis of the international and domestic market situation, for determining product direction accurately. 2, can improve the efficiency and liquidity of the turnover rate for the benefit of reducing fixed costs to create higher economic efficiency. 3. The parties may develop technologies and integrated design strength, reduce fixed technical staff, full technical expertise. 4, can play parties expertise, collaborative production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

 OEM enterprise vendors have the conditions: 1 scale manufacturing environment: while many brands of production, processing desired product yield and quality assurance; 2, modern management model: reasonable corporate structure, operational efficiency, reduce friction to a minimum; 3 and strict quality control system: quality is the fundamental enterprise development, processing of natural products to ensure the stability of its quality. 4, a set of mature Prospect Tracking System: The best product is not necessarily the latest products, but most products that meet market demand, as a way to keep pace with product developers to reduce the technical risk factors and improve accuracy by market . 5, feedback speed: seize the fierce competition in both vertical and slightly lost business opportunities. 6, delivery capabilities include: mode of transport is fast, convenient and secure; the safety of the product packaging, etc; 7, to achieve the lowest cost of product development, decentralized initial investment risk, easy to have their own brand of cosmetics; 8, will study the product , development, manufacturing, packaging, filling and packaging design or even all entrusted to the OEM business, just take your own product sales readily available, the use of conventional network infrastructure is easier to sell in the shortest time to market cosmetics brand successfully into; 9, not have to bear the risk of equipment depreciation and self-built factory and production management, but also change at any time based on market demand and flexible single. Thereby promoting the formation of new business finished the business advantages inherent in the expansion of cultivation and growth of enterprises, improve management capacity and management level, and thus to a higher level of capital operation. For those who want the company has its own brand of cosmetics, choose a good OEM manufacturers is very important.

OEM benefits:

OEM can reduce production costs and avoid unnecessary capital investment. OEM production cost advantage is obvious supplier's existing production capacity, cheap labor, to improve professional productivity extensive knowledge of the details of the structure and other aspects of the process. Reduce production costs in this way, enterprises in the fierce competition in the advantage of maintaining price competitiveness, while increasing the profits of the enterprise economy. As OEM demand side through the commission already has production facilities or responsible for providing OEM supplier of production equipment as well as their cheap labor required to produce their own products, they do not have to carry out the production of fixed assets investment and pay high labor costs They can also get low-cost advantage of traditional products through OEM processing, concentrate on the research and development of new products, to maintain their traditional strengths.

Senos Marketing Limited ( including Wenzhou Senos Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd) is a company manufacturing the most up to trend cosmetics, skincare and personal care products for Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Sales and Retail industries.

We create, develop and manufacture cosmetics under client’s brands providing OEM services all over the world. Our customers are manufacturers, distributors as well as megastore chains in Europe, Asia and USA.

Our mission is to develop cosmetics beautifying face and body visibly and safely.

Our main product category are as below:


Face Primer, Liquid Foundation, BB Cream, Makeup Remover...etc. ( We’re also one of the best BB cream manufacturer in China.)


Eye Serum, Eye Mask, Eye Roller; Mascara, Eye Liner..etc.  (We have a huge mascara factory and we are one of the top mascara manufacturer in China.)


Lip Gloss, Lip Wrinkle Refiner..etc.

Skin Care:

Anti-Aging Cream, Wrinkle Cream, Face Mask, Facial Cleanser- Moisturizing and Toner Solutions; Eye lifting serum, Whitening Cream

Beauty tools: All kinds of brush sets, cosmetic accessories and so on.

Market Headquater:

502, YuanDa Zone, 428 Wenzhou Ave., Wenzhou, China. 325000


No.7 Xin Pan, Shangxi, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. 322000