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How to Repair Damaged Hair: Five Steps to Repairing Dama

How to Repair Damaged Hair: Five Steps to Repairing Dama                               

The road to healthy hair is paved with products, potions, protein, and deep conditioners. If your hair is fried or suffers from split ends, sun damage, tangles, and broken brittle pieces, it's time to take charge of your hair's health. It's easy to forget that our hair can be very fragile. Exposure to the sun, hair dryers, flat irons, and even daily brushing can take it's toll and leave you wishing for a time machine.

It's important to remember that repairing damaged hair won't happen over night, but over time developing these habits will aim you down the road to recovery.

Step One: De-Gunk Your Tresses

The products we use and even the water we use to remove the products we use, can cause your hair to have a less-than-healthy sheen. Build up is a serious issue with hair and can cause it to be limp, lifeless, and even cause your ends to be split and feel brittle. Getting this built up gunk off your hair is the first step in repairing damage and having healthier hair. A good clarifying shampoo, a baking soda baking soda clarifying treatment or an apple cider vinegar rinse are great options for removing product build-up, hard water deposits, and mineral build-up on your hair.

 How often you need to remove build up really depends on the products you use and the water coming out of your tap. Most people could use a clarifying treatment at least once a month.

Step Two:Protect Your Hair from Sun Exposure

I am a huge fan of hot oil treatments to infuse hair with shine and moisture. Hot oil treatments are simple to do right at home. Apply your favorite hair oil generously to clean, towel dried hair. You can also raid the kitchen and try olive oil or lemongrass oil. Cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap and apply heat using a hot towel (fresh from the dryer), your hair dryer, or sit in the sun on a warm day.

After heating the oil, allow your hair to cool at room temperature, and rinse with cool water. Hot oil treatments can be done one to three times per month depending on the amount of damage and how dry your hair is. Too much oil can cause your hair to appear greasy, so be careful not to over-do it.

Step Four:Get a Good Deeo Conditioning Treatment

A weekly deep conditioning treatment is a must for repairing your hair's damage and preventing future breakage and havoc. Not all deep conditioners are the same. It's important to find a deep conditioner that works with your hair type, won't weigh your hair down, or cause your hair to feel greasy. A deep conditioner is especially important if you color your hair. Damaged hair will fade faster than healthy hair.

If possible, work with your hair stylist to find the right deep conditioning treatment for your hair type.

Let's face it, if your tresses are damaged, your ends are breaking, brittle and splitting, and you feel like you're losing at good hair days, a haircut (or just getting regular haircuts) will save the day. You don't have to chop it all off, although bobs and pixie haie haircuts can undo all your damage without having to buy all the products and put in all time it's going to take to reverse damage to your hair.

Plus, find out why anyone can wear short hair(really). If you're not bold enough to chop it off, at the very least get a healthy trim, try layers, reinvent your face framing, or give a nod to some trendy bangs. This will remove some of the damage and make the repair process a little easier

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